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Cancer can get to fuck

My post from Facebook this evening:   Hi. It’s me, Gemma. That lass you knew at school, hockey, work, football, even through reading my news reports. You, each and everyone one of you remain my friend on Facebook because there… Read More ›

We all have an opinion

QUICKBLOG before I go to bed. At the moment there is one horrific situation going on in the Middle East between Palestine (Hamas) and Israel.  I am aware of that situation as I have been aware of it for years… Read More ›

Volkswagen – Eyes on the road

We’ve all been out and about and seen someone in their car texting or doing something with their phone that’s clearly distracting them from the task of driving.  Here in this video the Volkswagen advert uses a unique method to… Read More ›

Hibernian – one fans view

It’s been a week, yes a week, since the Mad Axeman of East Mains wielded his axe and cut fourteen players from our squad.  All out of contract or loan players and probably most did deserve it.  So it’s goodbye… Read More ›

Edinburgh in motion

Following the post on London in motion it was only fair to have one about my most favourite city, my birth and home city: Edinburgh. Enjoy. Edinburgh – Time Flies Around Me from F.C.G. on Vimeo.   Kinetic Edinburgh from… Read More ›

London in motion

  London is an amazing city and one I love.  This amazing video from Lewis Symonds might slightly explain why. London In Motion- A Short Timelapse/Hyperlapse video from Lewis Symonds on Vimeo.


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