Sorry Saturday at Easter Road

First of all, before I continue with this blog, I am a huge Hibernian supporter.  Big, huge.  I stick with them through thick and thin and that’s why I’ll be with them this season, next season, the season after and… Read More ›

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  • When Exuberance Won…


    Sigh.  Another day and another “woe is me” statement from Ibrox.  Poor old (new) Rangers.  What on earth did they do to deserve such a tough run of luck? No one there can understand it.  They got beaten in the… Read More ›

  • Bad Day at the Easter Road Office

    Keep the faith

    When I left Easter Road yesterday afternoon I was actually at a loss for words.  This isn’t the first time that’s happened, but it only ever happens after a loss. After a win I can give you any number of… Read More ›

  • Hiberian happiness followed by Infirm disgrace

    Here we go

    I didn’t go to Dumbarton on Saturday.  By the time I’d faffed around and decided that, yes, I would like to go, there were no tickets left.  I could have went on the hunt for any bought by people who… Read More ›

  • Getting on a bit…

    Pipe and slippers

    About twenty years ago I used to be young.  I was in my late teens and living life to the max.  Out Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights most weekends.  Work was fine because I was young and I could get… Read More ›

  • A Safe Place


    Most people with anxiety have a “safe place”.  If you know a person with anxiety and you ask them if they have a safe place they will likely say yes. As part of a group last year we spoke of… Read More ›

  • Henderson to deliver….


    Lately, when I’ve been feeling a little low or in need of a general feel good moment I have fired up the Scottish Cup Final of 2016 and watched the last few minutes. It’s Henderson to deliver…and David Gray has… Read More ›

  • Anxiety and Me

    It’s closing on two years since I got my real diagnosis of Generalised Anxiety Disorder.  I’d known for a long time that something was wrong.  I’d waken in the morning with a heavy body.  By that I mean a body… Read More ›

  • The will of the People

    Eu vote

    Interesting Ms Sturgeon talks about acting on behalf of the will of the people. The lady forgets the will of the people in 2014. A majority said no, we’re not leaving the UK and it was supposed to be a… Read More ›

  • Then came the Scottish Cup parade


    One week ago today Hibees were waking up all over the place (literally!) with the happy feeling that just hours before we had seen our team, Hibernian, lift the elusive Scottish Cup after a 114-year wait.  Liam Henderson’s corner placed… Read More ›