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Efe little thing is gonna be alright ūüēļūüŹĺ

It’s another Saturday and it’s another visit to Easter Road.¬† How would it play out? No one knew.¬† It’s Hibs, it’s anyone’s guess.

I had thought about doing this blog as a vlog, something I am keen to try out, but I have a case of the hiccups that’s driving me insane.¬† I’ve tried the drinking the glass of water from the other side thing, didn’t work.¬† Held my breath, didn’t work so here we hiccing go. Continue reading

Cup romance must wait, Hibs need to woo the League

‘Here we go, two in a row’.¬† It’s got a nice ring about it.¬† The cup romance is still with us.¬† We’re still in love with the whole experience.¬† Having failed to win it in 114-years we now face the fairytale of winning it for the second time.¬† Oh what a time to be alive.

I don’t like bringing this up but I’m sure every Hibby remembers Sunday the 25th May 2014.¬† We remember all right.¬† After an absolute shambles Hibs were relegated from the SPL to the Scottish Championship.¬† I remember the feeling of being absolutely lost.¬† I remember the tears running down my cheeks, the scarves flying from above me onto the pitch.¬† The boos.¬† I saw other people crying, children and adults.¬† Old timers too. Continue reading

Put it in the NET! And Bring Back Hendo…

Finally escaped to write this.

So, Saturday afternoon brought us Falkirk at Easter Road.  Despite Falkirk forgetting how to play football it was never going to to be a match-up to take lightly.

Falkirk are further down the league that they would want to be at this point in the season but it’s easy to see why. ¬†For one I think they’ve had secret coaching sessions with Terry B****** on how to play Hoofball along with a few attempts at Head Tennis. ¬†Houston seems to have lost the plot with this seasons Falkirk squad. ¬†His problem though.

Ours is that we can’t get the ball in the back of the net. ¬†Not consistently. ¬†Saturday was very much testament to that. ¬†With 18 corners and numerous other chanced it’s beyond me why were didn’t have a few on the scoreboard before half time.

Part of it is that Falkirk played defensive right from the kick off. ¬†They weren’t playing to win, they were playing to not lose it, there is a difference. ¬†They just tightened up even more after Taiwo was sent off for his insane two footed tackle on John McGinn leaving them with ten men from 23 minutes onwards.

When Hibs play football we¬†play football. ¬†We’re classy and we can tear through teams when we really want to and we did in parts on Saturday afternoon. ¬†Some respect must be given to the Bairns ‘keeper Danny Rogers. ¬†He pulled off a few decent saves that did deny us goals.

Yet something is just not right.

Grant Holt is fast becoming one of my favourite players. ¬†His effort is amazing. ¬†He put up with a lot today, a few fouls on him that the referee and lino’s seemed to have missed as if they were watching the other channel.

The game was feisty which wasn’t a problem at all, Hibs and Falkirk were close rivals all last season and it shouldn’t be a shock that it would remain the same this season. ¬†Stubbs may be gone but Houston won’t have forgotten the jibes last season. ¬†Beating Hibs on Saturday would have made his shiny bald head beam with happiness.

However, to win you need goals and Hibs ‘keeper Ross Laidlaw was a mere spectator for the majority of the game. ¬†While Hibs didn’t score any more goals than Falkirk we did create many more chances and Danny Rogers goalmouth was a busy one. ¬†Aside from Falkirk’s goal (and no, Marciano wouldn’t have saved it either) the groundskeepers would be happy enough that both ends only dealt with forty-five minutes of action.

We played well on Saturday, I would think that there would be very few people who would disagree with that.  The team have gelled.  There were a few loose passes but they looked like they were small communication issues rather than anything major going on.  We tried to play our football game but as soon as Falkirk got on the ball they just hoofed it about until we took it off them again.  Frustrating.

Frustration might be the word of the game. ¬†Almost 100% effort for the entire match from the whole team, including the subs, and we just end up with a point. ¬†It’s the story of Hibs and not just limited to this season.

How many times must we sit and watch a player who could take a shot then pass it out wide? Set play nonsense.  TAKE THE BLOODY SHOT! If you keep battering it in then you batter the defence, yet we seem to be running up, creating mayhem then dampening it down by passing out (almost literally!) and letting the opposition regroup.  Or, in Falkirks case, just group!

MOTM Darren McGregor has really proved himself in recent weeks.  On Saturday he was all over Falkirks apparent lone striker.  They started with a 4-4-2 with Baird and Miller upfront but they were generally called back to muck in with defensive duties.

El Capitano was a little off his game on Saturday. ¬†Nothing major and he worked hard but there was something amiss from Sir David’s game. ¬†Temporary I am sure.

I’m still not sure why JC is not getting a start. ¬†Our top scorer and no one is showing any signs of wanting topple him from that. ¬†Nineteen minutes at the end of a game isn’t enough for him. ¬†He’s not being allowed to build up a strike force with anyone. ¬†Jason needs fed. ¬†He won’t pick up a ball at the halfway line and run with it, he needs service. ¬†Probably more service than other strikers but he does need it. ¬†Jason will score if Jason is given the right build up.

Can’t fault the team as a whole. ¬†I’ve seen Lewis Stevenson questioned in the aftermath of the match yet Falkirk generally forgot about him for most of the match and he loomed around unmarked, especially in the second half. ¬†Fonts didn’t have the game I would have thought he had but I would imagine he knows that.

I still think we’re missing Liam Henderson. ¬†Probably my favourite on loan player of recent years. ¬†He played his heart out for Hibs. ¬†No one could deny his spirit and his love for a club he was only sent to in order to gain experience. ¬†He became a hero with Hibs and if he never does anything else in his career then he was part of the Time For Heroes team. ¬†He’ll never be forgotten for that. ¬†And guess what? He wants to come back. ¬†Get working on it Hibs. ¬†If there’s one thing we know about Hendo it’s that he knows how to deliver.

GGTTH ūüíö

Heatwave at Easter Road

I write this blog slouched on the sofa after another week on the rollercoaster that belongs to Hibernian.¬† I didn’t go over to Fife on Wednesday as I was under the weather but I kept track of the game on Twitter and the radio.¬† To be fair, I wasn’t exactly unsurprised by the result because nothing really surprises me when it comes to Hibs but I was annoyed and disappointed.

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Hibs in the play offs. Here we go, here we go, here we go!

Here we go, here we go, here we go! Into the play-0ff quarter-final we go.  Not ideal but it is what it is and we have to deal with that.

Hibs did nothing wrong on Sunday.¬† We won the match and on a different day we’d have been dancing about like Carlton.

Sadly, Falkirk won theirs to and they finished second but on goal difference only.  Which made us third on goal difference only.

It was the players I felt for, they really pushed themselves on Sunday as they have for the majority of the season and I thought they didn’t getting the ending they deserved.¬† However, every single one of them will fight tooth and nail for promotion, I have no worries about that.

pink lady


So, a twelve-thirty kick-off so Rangers could manage a draw at St Mirren Park live on TV it was.¬† I’ll admit to hitting the snooze button more than once in the morning.¬† Then when I did get up I had the usual rush and left the house half awake and roasting hot hoping that I’d packed everything I needed.¬† This included a pack of already sliced Pink Lady apple which was definitely in my bag when I left the house.

The steward at the ground asked me to open my rucksack and asked what was in my bag.¬† Water, soda water with orange in it, trousers…then he felt my bag asking if I had any cans in it.¬† I assured him not and then he said he’d have to smell my bottles.¬† I though in the name of the wee man, I am bursting for the latrine. So I handed him my bottle of soda water and orange whilst warning him that it was fizzy and had been in my bag, too late, he’d started to opening it…he asked me to finish opening it whilst wiping liquid from his hands onto his jacket.¬† I opened it and he sniffed it. I doubt he smelled anything, only my lip gloss.

Next was my Britta filter bottle.¬† You know the type, filter goes in the lid, fill it with water and Bob’s your uncle as you drink it it gets filtered.¬† Genius.¬† So I was a bit concerned when he asked to smell that.¬† I’m sure if I wanted to sneak in a bottle of vodka I wouldn’t pick a Britta filter bottle but hey ho.¬† Once I’d packed up my bag again he thanked me, more than once.¬† Honestly, I was working Sunday, so not sure why I would be sneaking drink into the ground.¬† I wouldn’t anyway though sometimes I advocate bars in the ground…

Anyway.¬† Sir Alan of Stubbs started off with a team that had Jason Cummings on the bench and a start for hatrick hero James Keatings.¬† Conrad Logan kept the gloves and Liam Fontaine made a start as well.¬† Niklas Gunnarsson also kept his start as well.¬† He’s a player I really value.¬† He’s fast, he works hard and he sneaks about so while teams think they have him covered he just pops up elsewhere and does the job.¬† Like today when he scored our opener in the 67th minute.¬† He is the one player I would say is mostly unlikely to score, yet he does.¬† Not always but he’s capable.

Iain Russell moan

Moan of the Match Iain Russell

Man of the Match went to Hibs Liam Henderson but Moan of the Match should go to QotS’s Iain Russell.¬† That lad moaned about absolutely everything.¬† Still, he got a good telling off from the West stand with the best shout being “Shut up you!” which everyone agreed with.¬† That was after Russell said “hey you” to the linesman, “he was pulling my shirt”.¬† Stop greeting lad, he should have pulled the shirt over your head and given us all peace.

Jason gave us our second goal thirteen minutes after he replaced Fraser Fyvie.¬† A lot of people are doubting JC at the moment but I can’t.¬† This is a lad that has visibly grown as a player under Stubbs.¬† He tries his absolute hardest everytime he’s on the pitch and now he’s fighting for his place he comes on as a sub and works hard.¬† He makes mistakes, show me a player who doesn’t, but he knows what he’s being asked to do and he does it more often than not.

I’m an Oxley fan but I’m glad Conrad Logan has the gloves at the moment.¬† Showing Ox that he’s not automatically first choice means he needs to up his game to get back into the starting gloves.¬† Conradge hasn’t had much to do in the last two games but he’s eyes on the game all the time and never loses concentration, a very good thing going into the play-offs.¬† I would stick with him.

So here we go.¬† We’ve all paid our money and we’re about the get on the Hibernian Play Off Rollercoaster.¬† We need to beat Raith at Starko Parko and then again at Easter Road and then go on to play Falkirk home and away.¬† I know wins aren’t necessary in all the games it would be nice.¬† We don’t need extra minutes in both fixtures before the final.

green rollercoaster

The Hibernian rollercoaster, jump on for an exciting ride!

As for the Pink Lady apple pack I never saw them again.¬† I searched high and low but that little packet of apple slices has gone.¬† So I do apologise to the person who will find a packet of fusty apple slices in the next few days…

Anyway, back to the football.¬† I believe we can do this.¬† It’s not beyond us.¬† But we have to get behind the team and support them.¬† We have to let them know we are there and there is no better way of doing that than filling Easter Road on Saturday.¬† I don’t think asking ¬£15 is a lot to ask for.¬† Get behind the team! My seat is booked and paid for.¬† I won’t let them down and I’m sure they won’t let us down.

The Hibernian rollercoaster never stops.¬† Pay the money and get on! It’s a helluva ride!


Chances lost as Hibs lose at home to Falkirk

An air of disappointment hung over Easter Road yesterday afternoon as the final whistle blew and the final score would be Hibernian 0 – Falkirk 1.

23rd August 2014 with a 3pm kick-off, Hibs would face Falkirk in their third league match of the new season. ¬†Only an hour before kick-off Edinburgh seemed to find itself in the middle of a monsoon. ¬†Unfortunately that made me think of May 25th 2014 when an hour or two before the match a monsoon drowned Edinburgh and seemingly Hibs’ confidence. ¬†It did not bode well.

Hibs were, of course, without Lewis Stevenson, serving a two match ban for the Compliance Officers ¬†“incident from nothing” with Jamie Walker at the derby at Tynecastle last weekend.

Starting line-up for Hibs then was: Oxley, Gray, Nelson, Forster, Harris, El Alagui, Craig, Heffernan, S Allan, Booth, Kennedy. Substitutes: Perntreou, Stanton, Cummings, Handling, Tudur Jones, L Allan, Crane.

Scott Allan getting his first start for Hibs as was Matt Kennedy.

Hibs started off the game with confidence, dominating well but what Hibs fans know is that even if Hibs start off like that, it doesn’t guarantee happiness. ¬†Ultimately Falkirk went ahead in the 13th minute when Rory Loy back-heeled a shot in from a pass across goal from McGrandles. ¬†Oxley was unable to do anything about it and the score was Hibs 0 – 1 Falkirk.

With Hibs creating 18 chances with which to even just equalise, never mind go ahead in the match, it should have been simple.  It should have been textbook even.

Hibs can’t finish and it’s as simple as that. ¬†Credit, yes, to Jamie MacDonald because he is a solid goalkeeper and he definitely kept Hibs at bay on some accounts but in others it was entirely Hibs’ own fault. ¬†Working hard to create chances and piling through Falkirk’s defence, Matt Kennedy proving quite good at that, only to shoot wide or high and leave everyone inside Easter Road frustrated.

Mark Oxley saved Hibs’ blushes before half time with a couple of saves taking the team inside at half time still in the match at least.

Hibs were very difficult to watch in that first half. ¬†With passing good, chances created but not taken, you do have to wonder what was coming next…

Hibs came out in the second half with their heads high at least. ¬†No “poor me” attitudes this season, so far, and they came out for a fight. ¬†However, it didn’t entirely work out like that, for a short spell, with Falkirk pushing them back, Hibs looked like they were defending a lead rather than trying to push forward for an equaliser.

Falkirk had chances to take their own lead and increase it but it was their turn to create chances and not finish.

El Alagui had his best chance in the 63rd minute but his attempt to lob MacDonald went wrong and the ‘keeper was able to fingertip it away.

The 63rd minute also brought on Jason Cummings in replacement for Paul Heffernan.  A justifiable substitution.  Cummings certainly injected some beef into the team and they continued to press the Falkirk defence, but nothing coming from it, of course.

Sam Stanton replaced Alex Harris in the 79th minute and Danny Handling replaced Scott Allan in the 88th. ¬†The chap behind who screamed that Harris should never have been on wasn’t entirely being helpful. ¬†Harris worked hard, helping to create many of Hibs’ chances. ¬†Booing crowds weren’t helpful either but there’s more on that later.

Both Hibs and Falkirk had chances towards the end of the game to score and the majority of the play was down in the Falkirk end. ¬†It wasn’t tidy football though and there were times when the ball seemed in the air too much when it should have been on the deck.

Falkirk clung on though and took the 3 points dumping Hibs into 8th place in the Championship and pushing themselves up to 6th.

Dejected players sat on the pitch. ¬†The feeling inside Easter Road was not a good one. ¬†For their part the players did fight until the end. ¬†They didn’t give up as they might of last season, often coming out for the second half with heads on chests, not looking like a unit. ¬†Alan Stubbs’ Hibs definitely came out looking for a goal but they just couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net and therein lies the problem. ¬†A problem that Hibs have one more week to solve if the problem is going to be solved with the bringing in of more players of which a striker surely must be one.

While I feel that the support has the right to vent their views I wasn’t keen on the booing that occurred during the match. ¬†I know others share the same view and there is no clear indication of what the booing is meant to achieve. ¬†What messages it sends out to them is that we are not with them and they will come out with statements that the fans were right to boo, it’s understandable they way fans feel. ¬†Well, I am most certainly WITH my team and I have not turned my back on Alan Stubbs or the team. ¬†We are three games into a new season. ¬†We were relegated last season in dire circumstances and we’ve had to make massive changes since then including a team rebuild, a new management structure.

The team rebuilding hasn’t just been replacing the players that the Mad Axeman chopped before he himself was, but it’s also involved getting the team to think of themselves as just that. ¬†Stubbs has had to make them think like a team and work like a team and I think he’s achieved that in the short amount of time he had pre-season.

There’s no point saying the game was good, because it wasn’t. ¬†There were good points, the passing play, the chances created, seeing Matthew Kennedy show us what he’s got, seeing them at least fight until the end. ¬†Overall, not our best game but we haven’t lost the league. ¬†I’m not particularly sure how quick people thought the rebuild was going to happen but it is happening. ¬†The signs are there and we have to stick together. ¬†Yes, discuss it in forums and with friends and air the different views but on match days we have to get behind that team and support them because it doesn’t work if we don’t. ¬†Booing them and constant abuse throughout the match will never be beneficial in the rebuilding of Hibernian Football Club.


Featured image courtesy of Simon Dirom